Mauricio Gomes

A software engineer passionate about design.

About Me

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and now live in Michigan. I have a BS in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University. My goal in life is to build the best things and to learn everything before I die.

As a partner of Gemini SBS, I have built software applications for some of the largest non-profit and government organizations. During my tenure there I built several products, including RESTful Metrics, a big data/metric collection tool targeted at software developers.

After the sale of Gemini SBS in 2013 to Fractured Atlas, I joined the startup Kontextual as their Lead Developer in charge of building their real-time, enterprise collaboration platform. In 2014, Xeeva, Inc acquired Kontextual.

I am currently available for full-stack web developement work.


Here is a snapshot of some of my work:

Command — A chat bot framework I built that enables plugging in any chat platform (FB Messenger, Slack, etc) as well as any natural language parsing service. Built with Ruby on Rails, the app utilizes Sidekiq heavily to perform a web requests asynchronously.

Unofficial UFC Chat Bot — A chat bot I built for the Facebook Messenger platform. Built with Ruby on Rails and integrates into the Command bot framework I also built. Utilizes and for NLP. Try it out, it's fun!

FundingWorks — I was the lead developer for this crowdfunding platform built for artists. The site utilizes web sockets to deliver real time updates on artist pages and uses pub/sub in order to update microservices throughout the stack. — I built several key components for this platform. One of the more major ones was an advanced search tool that allows producers to dynamically build their own "query" for searching their database of patrons. — I created a web application that ingests tech news from RSS feeds and runs each article through a machine learning model trained by me. Articles with high scores are displayed on the homepage. Serves as my personal tech news curator.

Link2Feed Kids Café Software — A Ruby on Rails application I built for Link2Feed to assist food pantries with the administrative tasks and compliance requirements associated with managing kids meal programs in the United States.

Link2Feed Inventory Software — A Ruby on Rails application I built for Link2Feed to assist food pantries with keeping a record of their donors and inventory levels. Also built a corresponding POS component designed to be integrated with third-party POS systems.

Zydeco — I built a Ruby on Rails back end & web interface to compliment the iPad application that students used. The back end presented a RESTful API that the iPad utilized to persist data and store image assets.

Other Works


You can view a longer description of my work history here.

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